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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Manzanilla

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Manzanilla

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98Twelve Manzanilla is a 100% monovarietal oil of accentuated green color and bright appearance, with a balance between spicy, bitter and sweet, very aromatic with a high green fruity, in which you can see recognizable notes of apple, fruit salad, tomato and ripe banana.

It has a medium oleic acid content and a high palmitic and linoleic content, high quality and stability. Its level of polyphenols is high.

Uses of Manzanilla Olive Oil

The olive oil obtained from Manzanilla olives is ideal for fried foods and for preparing strong fish recipes such as cod. It is also a highly recommended oil for raw consumption for dressing salads or as part of a good breakfast.           

98Twelve Manzanilla oil tries to convey all the aroma, all the flavor and all the essence of the olive oil produced by the olive groves of Zahara de la Sierra and the Grazalema Natural Park.

They are difficult, hard, extreme olive groves, with important slopes that force heavy manual tasks to be carried out. However, they produce a mountain olive oil, very fruity, but at the same time sweet and soft without a doubt due to the high rainfall in the area.

For all that flavor and all the added value of this traditional and millennial agriculture, we try, harvest after harvest, to transfer it to consumers.

We try to ensure that these values and others such as organic farming are valued to the right extent. It is also desired that it becomes a enjoyment for the senses and a blessing for health.

In addition, the extraordinary quality of extra virgin olive oil 98Twelve Manzanilla is due to the fact that it has unique weather conditions. It is grown in the area with the highest rainfall rate in Spain.

It is these conditions that determine the organoleptic characteristics of the varieties of our oils.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leonard Hoock
Fantastic Olive Oil

The taste is amazing, we use it everyday

Leonardo Gonzalez
Amazing Olive Oil

It taste amazing, I’ll buy it again for sure

Benjamin Canales
Manzanilla Olive Oil

What an amazing Olive Oil 🤤. I tried it yesterday with my family and we felt like we were in Spain !. Same taste and beautiful packaging as well. I totally recommend it with baggete, basil, cherry tomato and mozzarella !


I found the perfect balance between bitterness and spiciness, which is it what I look for on Olive Oil.
Totally recommend!

Victoria Dagnino

Manzanilla extra virgin olive oil is outstanding! Its rich and robust flavor with a smooth, velvety texture make it perfect for dipping bread or drizzling over salads. Highly recommend to elevate your culinary experience.