Why 98Twelve EVOO?

98Twelve Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from centuries-old olive trees that grow in the mountains of southern Spain, in a Mediterranean climate where natural rainwater is the sole source of irrigation. Concentrating all of the essence, flavor and health in each drop of oil.

We're all about quality and purity here, which is why we produce our own unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in Sahara de la Sierra, Andalusia, Spain and bottle it ourselves.
No intermediaries involved, just pure, unfiltered extra virgen olive oil straight from the olive tree to you.
We know you want the best, which is why we cut out all the fuss and transport the oil directly from Spain to the US.
Now you can have our high end unfiltered extra virgin olive oil at a farmers price.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

  • Our 98Twelve minimalist white packaging is the perfect gift for any food lover.

  • The 98Twelve minimalist white packaging is the epitome of elegance and style, full of natural flavor and health benefits, perfect for gift-giving and to elevate your culinary experience.

  • Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with our sleek and stylish minimalist packaging.

Our Crops

Our crops are grown in the Sierra de Ronda, also known as the Sierra de Cádiz, in Spain. The trees are hundreds of years old and the type of cultivation is traditional, meaning it is done with the use and traditions of a lifetime, without the use of irrigation. The crops are located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, which offers a different climate and contributes to the intensity and aroma of the resulting extra virgin olive oil. The trees are inefficient in terms of fruit production but produce higher quality flavors and aromas in the fruit. The crops are grown in a Mediterranean climate, and the intensity of flavors is higher when the trees are grown in shallow soil with roots near the surface.

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Cold Extraction

Cold extraction is a process for producing olive oil that uses only mechanical means without any chemical processes in order to keep the olives, paste, and resulting oil uncontaminated once washed. This ensures that the resulting oil is 100% natural olive juice, without any alteration or chemical ingredients.

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